Oct 17


are people actually posting to dreamwidth blogs these days?

May 27


These are the movies I want to see at SIFF this year. My SIFF watching friend is currently pursuing a postdoc out of state, so if someone is interested in watching any of these with me, let me know. In general, I tend to watch a lot of the Black Comedy and Science Fiction Series, and to skip out on other categories unless they’re recommended by friends of mine. I’ll go watch standout things from all categories, that’s the whole point of SIFF.


The Thief of Bagdad —

Thrilling tales of Astonishment —

Outrage —

Karate Robo Zaborgar —

A Thousand Fools —

The Last Circus —

The night of counting the years —

Gromozeka —

Clink of Ice —

Hooked —

Finisterrae —

Detention — Salvation

Boulevard —

Burke and Hare —

The Catechism Cataclysm —

Poupoupidou —

May 25


May 23

Do you wonder why our economy is in such a mess? Do you wonder why the world you grew up with and thought you knew doesn’t seem to be the world you live in? Do you feel less safe today than you did 10 years ago? Do you wonder why the most powerful nation in the world still feels unsafe? Do you sometimes wonder if the nation will survive and wonder how it will survive? Are you concerned about how much foreign ownership of business there is?

These are all hallmarks of information revolutions. For example, when the printing press was introduced, Spain was the most powerful nation with a cosmopolitan outlook, support for science and exploration and unheard of wealth. Yet as that information revolution worked its way through Europe, it became economically out competed; a political, cultural, and scientific backwater. They were bested by their former colony, Holland (The Spanish Netherlands) and the little no-account island upstart country – England. Trade was almost entirely taken over by foreigners. Their gifted and brilliant finance minister Gonzalez de Cellorigo lamented,

“… there are rich who loll at ease or poor who beg, and we lack people of the middle sort, whom neither wealth nor poverty prevents from pursuing the rightful kind of business enjoined by Natural Law”[i]

” — Winning Information Revolutions: : from the Ice Age to the Internet (via futuramb)

(via theatlantic)

Apr 29

Rocket Garden

Rocket Garden

Apr 27


omg test?

back in the saddle

helen’s tumblr ( ) has inspired me to actually get up and writing on my blog again.

Nov 30

The tech world will continue to have periodic dustups until everyone realizes that using ‘gender?’ as shorthand for the question ‘this program would like to describe you with pronouns, which ones should it use?’ really annoys a small percentage of their user base

Nov 01

“… To make a long story short, there is a wide cultural rift in US education about the proper place of religion in public schools, and that makes celebrating e.g. Easter with a rousing game of bingo not exactly a career-enhancing move.” — a discussion of a halloween promotion from a guy whose company sells bingo cards.


Oct 25

“I was the last guy on every night. Not on the weekends, I wasn’t good enough to be on the weekends … I would perform for a plate of hummus… I went on every night. I learned the difference between impersonating a comedian and being a comedian. That was my break: learning how to be authentic. Not to the audience, but to myself. I developed a baseline of confidence, and also insecurity. I knew how bad I was, and I knew how good I was. And that has helped me through a lot of the ups and downs.” — Interesting perspective on “transcending the model” from John Stewart, in his recent interview on NPR’s fresh air. (relayed by Safety Phil.)